Integrates into the streetscape well!


Potgieterstraat by Carve in Amsterdam is an innovative re-envisioning of an inner-city street previously devoted to car traffic and parking. 

In the words of Landzine:

Carve’s intervention was firstly to rethink the street into a play street, accessible only to bikes and pedestrians. All surface materials were removed, the existing trees however were kept and new ones added. Into that clearance, Carve designed a mogul landscape with play objects integrated, materialized in abstract black rubber..

However, the true benefit of this design is not obvious on a first glimpse. It is rather the reclaiming of local urban realm by its community. Parents but also citizens without children interact and relax here on wooden benches and around a little kiosk…

Checkout Landzine’s full profile of this project.


Mirror Architecture in Nature

It is seriously one of my favourite things in life when nature takes over man-made spaces.

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New York’s Lent Space Park and it’s movable walls and seats.


GRN/Banyoles/Public Space 



High Line Park is a park created suspended in Manhattan in New York. 

Laid on old railways aerial Lower West Side, this beautiful space is managed by the city.


This is the rare Monkey Orchid, found only in high elevations of Ecuador and Peru.


una alfombrilla


“Floating Green” - Shanghai, China - by FANStudio

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